Fundamentals to host a good barbecue


In case you have been at the barbecue for one hour or so and wish to keep it going, you may add more coals around the edge.

You’ll experience a fantastic barbecue, your visitors will have lots fun and you will enjoy yourself. Warning: There is a great deal of lousy barbecue out there. Picking the right barbecue for your requirements can be an overwhelming task with so many different sorts and brands on the market.

Barbecue smokers

If you want to fancy, why don’t you try a barbecue smoker? There are a couple of distinct kinds of barbecue smokers. A barbecue smoker is a totally different animal. It’s possible to buy a very affordable barbecue smoker if you would like to get started. This will add a whole new set of flavors to your meal.

Barbecue culture in Brazil

Food is a significant portion of Brazilian culture. Charcoal barbecues are mostly used and this allows a longer ritual when compared to grill. Remember that it is not just food but people, the conversation, music and beer!

In Brazil, you are probably going to have a lot of meat to select from. So, I recommend to develop a minimum of one meat-free day each week, to be prepared for the weekend. Obviously this will also lower your environmental footprint by raising the number of organic food that you eat. I would also prefer meat that’s been raised organically.