The suffering of migrants

If migrants can only discover social support in person, they’re usually unable to turn to Internet forums to locate the support they require. Not able to utilize their full talents and abilities, many migrants feel frustration and an awareness of feeling trapped. Many migrants with conditions like PTSD could be scared to request help, as a result of stigma attached to mental illness.

With the superior quality of life and standard of living, the host nation has grown an attractive location for migrants to work and to live. To the eyes of migrants it offers a vast spectrum of opportunities. To start with, as soon as a nation is hit by a large-scale influx, like in Bangladesh or Uganda with the newest influx of Congolese refugees, we quickly need to understand the requirements of the folks and the effect on the receiving country. There are wonderful reasons why lots of people from other country choose to migrate to Canada or USA.

Nearly all of the regional migrants reside in camps. Therefore, they will need to learn to deal with stress on a daily basis in order to cope with pressure and avoid health problems. One-in-five foreign migrants reside in the United States.

The motivation for someone to leave his home country to find opportunities abroad is usually coming from a negative pressure, such as government prosecution, famine or discrimination.