Economy and science dancing tango!

At the moment, science is greatly appreciated by consumers from America, European nations and East Asian countries such as Japan and China. The market size of new products is based on innovation attractiveness and investment feasibility on short notice.

However, even in the possibility of the absolute radical life extension scenario, population growth might be not faat enough to create demand for all offerings we are creating.

The economy is still growing in a slow pace and the effect of the government’s latest initiatives are taken into consideration when forecasting the development of the a novel product.

It is a fact that nursing care still has quite a distance to go, while it seems that medical advances are coming up very fast.

While medicine is slowly accepting palliative care, it’s frequently regarded as a byproduct of health failure, something to earn death less difficult only because we couldn’t prevent it.

This combination leads to more investments in medicine because we still want to have a cure, while it could simply be more effective economically to invest in prevention and care.