Cities of the Future

Waste Management a one of the huge businesses which offers a thorough waste management and environmental services. In developing cities like Nairobi, waste management is an important problem the Nigerian government is tackling but still without real success.

Sustainable development doesn’t mean raising world’s consumption. It means managing consumption where production and supply cycle are most efficient.

Fusing the physical infrastructure of a city with the most recent offerings of technology has gotten more prominent leading to the development of smart cities.

The population of the planet tripled in the nineteen century, as a consequence of the improvement in modern medication. For the very first time in history, the world’s population is now mostly working in services rather than food sourcing. Our modern-day lifestyle and population growth is mostly based upon the capacity of man to convert energy into the social structure of living communities, also called cities. The minimal population in deserts is a prime illustration of that.

Waste disposal is then a huge problem, but needs to be addressed to protect our environment. Zero waste usually means a much healthier planet.

Houston… We really do have a problem!

Now, the issue isn’t only overpopulation, but the abnormal disparity in the distribution of the worldwide population. The true issue is that there are too many rich people in a very narrow part of the world. The developing population problem is a complex subject – There’s no population explosion issue – there is a problem of unbalanced population growth.

In under developed regions, during periods of low economic growth, families have a tendency to have more children, they have to be able to boost the total amount of income going back into said family.

A lot of people say that in the future we’ll reside in worse conditions because of many unique reasons, but among the most commonly used is overpopulation.

The future is bright!

However, I believe that the cities of the future will be able to solve this problem. People will live with quality and among lots of other people.

  • We will make huge progress in mass transit solutions, that combined with virtual working models will reduce the pollution and need for commuting.
  • We will see recycling and reuse of materials in an effective way that reduces overall need for energy.
  • Green energy will reduce pollution as well, and we will observe a much better usage of land with vertical agriculture and rooftop gardens.