Deliver in less than 10 weeks

An organization is just a group of all of the minds that work in it, so in reality, it’s a mind. It has to learn how to get there step by step. Even if you’re the sole agile mind around in your organization, you are able to influence others.

Many big organizations are now applying new work models to become more agile. They have understood that the competition is running at a pace never seen before and quickly new products and services are reaching the market. If you even blink, someone has already taken your place.

I see it very unlikely that old models of project management and work delivery to continue to exist.

Why weeks not months?

These days, retail business is sitting on such a tremendous pile of all types of data that lots of others can only dream of. The tourism business is facing challenges that are forcing the market to either be ready to accept the change or await the doomsday.

The world changes in a matter of minutes. The pace of innovation is faster than ever before and no human being can keep up to such speed. If we keep on moving at the pace that took us here, we will quickly fall behind, no matter how good we are, or have been.

We should measure our activity in weeks rather than months. A lot of people today don’t even consider the concept of weekend… Life has so much dynamism that if you need a break, you can simply do it… and get on to work as soon as you recover. A month is then a time period that is too long to wait for.

If anyone tells you to wait 1 month to have you meal ready… you will starve to death. If someone is telling you that the product / project will be delivered in 1 month, your company might be dead by then.

Why less than 10?

The idea now is to supply information and value to the user so they arrive at the brand rather than the brand going to them. So what things to expect in 2018? Less is more, but it’s also less interesting, and that should be ok!

We live in a world that provides infinite choices for almost everything, so how can we pick the best? How can we make the best decision? The answer is simplicity.

We won’t get it right at the beginning, we will probably have to experiment before we nail the best result, but we can’t afford to wait to make it perfect.

My practical advice is that in everything you do you count it in a number less than 10. Pick a single digit and start counting down. The faster you get to zero the better, because nobody is waiting for you… the clock keeps ticking and everyone in the world is urging to get there first.

What should I do?

You have to state what you have and have to be prepared to take action like it’s already in place in your life. What you believe will lead to actions. You take actions without a guarantee of succeeding. You may recognize your actions are important in the physical realm due to their consequences. The perfect way to capture the action is to shoot from various perspectives.

All success is constructed on failures. It’s alright to examine the future, but at the exact time, you need to create a vibration of success now. You are unable to watch for the future.

The most essential part of goal setting mastery is developing a plan of action. The master skill to success is to set objectives and make plans to accomplish such objectives. Challenging in case you don’t yet think that you have the capacity to change it.

During the time you’re networking, simply earn a point to talk about your company opportunity clearly as it applies to aid in improving your prospect’s life. The principal point to consider here is consistency. You should be capable to change any idea on the fly for you to find alternatives to react to the everchanging world.

Your mind has to stay informed about the things that are happening around you and beyond and the mistakes you’re making in actual time so as to keep moving with accuracy. You can make best use of the subconscious mind once you have all part of your own process. It is therefore important to resist any thought that you don’t wish to be reality in your life.

Sometimes, it may take longer. Sometimes it’s simple to forgive others, but nevertheless, it can be harder to forgive ourselves. Make certain that whatever you do is what you dream and what you believe, because otherwise, it will most likely not happen.

Embrace life-long learning because you will need it… Whatever you know today you can’t rely it will be the thing that will differentiate you in the future.

Embrace resilience¬†because you will have to reinvent yourself, for sure, more than once in your life… You will fail, hopefully, multiple times, but you should never give up if you continue to believe.

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