Green Aluminum on Nespresso capsules

Paper recycling can be a little costly, as additional industrial processes like bleaching, need to produce the paper reusable. Metal recycling could drastically reduce the utilization of organic resources.

Green aluminum

The Fundamentals of Green Aluminum Revealed

Aluminum is also a favorite product as it may be used for both counters and sinks. Recycling aluminum uses down to 5% of the energy necessary to make aluminum from ore.

Within two or three minutes, your espresso or cappuccino is prepared to drink. Creating a quick espresso is today a routine task for many people. In comparison, the Nespresso machines, are capable of making a terrific tasting espresso.

It comes with a terrible environment cost. Today many of the nespresso and nespresso compatible pods use aluminum and they lack proper recycling.

There are many alternatives in the market, such as reusable capsule pods (, but what really called my attention is the deal that both Rio Tinto and Nespresso made. Both will work on developing and marketing a new type of aluminum made from recycled material.