The start of patient in focus

Both can do the job effectively, but it’s certainly more pleasant and harmonious to be involved with a patient supportive atmosphere. In different models, the individual must manually enter the data, which is a substantial time burden for the individual and could result in so many errors and incomplete entries that nobody actually utilizes the data. In more recent models, this is automated, using data directly from the patient via data collectors linked to all diagnosis machines.

Example of how simple automation can help a patient’s life

  • The patient cannot turn himself and remains immobile, pulmonary secretions can build up. This becomes a threat to the patient’s health.
  • In certain cases, he requires a caretaker or a kin to address their needs. By employing an alternating pressure mattress which turns the individual on a normal basis, theses sores can be avoided.

Why do we need doctors?

Patients seek doctors who can offer treatment and cures to permit them to come back to their everyday routines. They have the tools they need to be in control when they want to be, but they also have support when they do not want to or are not able to be in control. They have the ability to make decisions about their own care if they so wish, but they are not required to do so. Additionally, they have the option to change their mind. They must be completely open with their treating doctors about the severity of their problems. In case the patient cannot operate then the doctor must be prepared to document that opinion.