Motivation is not enough.

Motivation gives you energy to keep going. It is the reason why you want to do something. It is the ability of the leader to empower their followers to accomplish the mission no matter how easy or difficult it may appear. However, You can’t just count on motivation on the long run.

Men and women get unmotivated when they expect to be full of motivation at all moments. On the long run, motivation is simply not enough. It is not reliable.

The best method to deal with this limitation is to align the motivation in a manner that people can comprehend the advantages of any task. Motivation is a great if you want to kickstart something, a new objective.

Providing external motivation will just supply people with a temporary burst of energy. Again, it is not sustainable.

Motivation shouldn’t need to be pumped into every person to observe a world full of motivated and inspired men and women.

The true solution that enables long-term results is to align to a purpose. A purpose is something beyond motivation… It creates a platform that generates itself, without too much need of action.