Setting the right pace in leadership

The future is continue changing at a fast pace. The world is in motion and moving at a fast speed.

Our habits and ways of working need to adapt to this new reality. Responsive Leadership – Doing the right thing at the right time – is an operating principle that leaders will have to understand better.

In other leadership models, people focus on efficiency – doing as many things as possible – or they could also focus on prioritization – doing the things that generate most return. Today, time plays a big role in measuring success. It is critical to find the right timing to each action… Being too late is as critical as being too early.

In order to judge the right pace you have to be great at adjusting speed: Moving slow when it is possible but moving fast when you must.

The ability to adjust speed requires the leader to constantly be on the lookout for insights and signs of change. The understanding and correlation of information is a key success factor for this.

It is critical to remember that if you push the organization too long on a fast speed, the energy will be depleted at some point in time and the expected results in a fast speed are no longer possible. Thus it is critical to know when to accelerate and as critical to know when to pause or go slowly.

4 Essential Tips To Becoming A Better Leader by Forbes

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