Innovation and Leadership

Inclusion and Diversity

Leadership and Innovation are necessary to have a company in which change, change takes place. Leadership is the ability to motivate and direct. This is done by understanding the “why” of the cause and execution of change. Innovation requires an ability to think outside the box to find solutions to the problems of the customer.

This article looks at how companies incorporate both inclusion and diversity. Inclusion refers to the ability to enable the integration of people and cultures. It is this integration that creates a more effective company. Many companies fail to do this due to poor leadership. Diversity refers to the inclusion of people from different cultural backgrounds. By integrating these two processes leaders and innovators can overcome the fact that innovation cannot take place in isolation but must involve people from different cultural backgrounds.

Innovation is not merely for growth but also about learning and improvement. Many companies fail to identify, evaluate and acknowledge the differences of their customers and work to address these issues. New employees and management need to have the appropriate knowledge of innovation so they can understand the various perspectives of the customers. Leaders need to define what the company does and how it provides value to its customers. They need to define a vision and act upon it. Leadership in a change management plan needs to actively engage the employees to allow them to share their ideas and participate in decisions that affect the future. Leadership and Innovation are more than just trying to figure out new ways to make money but also about creating a sense of harmony and sharing of ideas between different cultures that go into making a great company.