Employer branding and its influence on recruitment and employee engagement

Employer branding is an essential part of human resources planning, the creation of a brand for a company’s workforce. The concept is not as far-fetched as it might sound. There are many reasons why a business would want to create a “connections” culture between its employees and the company. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace every business needs to be on their toes in order to stay ahead of competitors and stay highly profitable.

Employer Branding

Businesses that truly embrace this concept to understand that it is not just a good idea for their business but also for the employees. Employer branding is simply the process of selling a business’s reputation in the eyes of its employees. Marketers and human resources professionals can utilize various social media tactics to spotlight a company s unique business reputation as a quality place to work to bring and keep top talent. The key to implementing this strategy successfully rests in building strong relationships with key players within the organization, including leaders and managers, as well as key mentors and customers. Social media allows employers to provide a “face to face” version of how they do business. The resulting trust and brand loyalty fostered by this consistent communication provide a positive morale boost that encourages even more employee engagement and retention.

When it comes to implementing an employer branding strategy, the most important variable to remember is that the relationship needs to be authentic. The ability to build trust depends greatly on an employee’s ability to perceive the organization as being genuine in wanting to build a positive reputation in the community or place in which they reside. Employees need to feel that the organization wants to build a positive reputation, not just an image. Organizations can take steps in improving their social media presence to ensure that they are seen as credible and approachable, while also strengthening their reputation with current customers. It all starts with the employer branding statistics.