The magic is in the board

People want to contribute… Employees work in companies to do more than just earning a salary. Together in teams, we can generate more impact in our society than alone.

So why don’t we empower people to contribute more? As leaders we need to avoid giving orders and act more on the motivation, on the inspiration of our people.

I have realized that communication is key and transparency helps unlocking the potential each individual has. Communicating a purpose and inspiring people with a clear vision supported by stories, can take us to a new level of delivery and it is exciting to see how people thrive in their work and in their life.

My team did a small experience that started with an unused TV… We turned it on and started sharing messages to challenge people to improve… Very quickly this turned into several actions and suggestions being shared and soon I believe it will be translated into concrete benefits.

We ought to dream more… and invite others to join!

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