Digital Farming with robots

Farming is among the important activity as it fulfills the requirement of the food. For instance, in Brazil, there are massive farms and it’s physically not possible to monitor it. farmers are already getting personalized suggestions of merchandise and services on their mobile devices.

But there are challenges, for instance, Canada’s farmers are becoming older – over fifty percent of Canadian farms had operators over the time of 55. While many farmers have begun adopting the new technologies and have begun using organic pesticides and soil entrenchment strategies, others, in remote areas are just used to conventional agricultural strategies and truly feel hesitant to use new devices.

Digital farming

All types of information are collected everyday, including visual information of the fields and plants. However, in moments of crisis and urgency, reliable, not-sensationalized information is difficult to have, like during hurricanes or pests.

Successful business in agriculture will be contingent on the capacity to manage massive amounts of information in order to create the finest possible decisions. Some young innovative companies are trying to use this commercially. Businesses need to understand and adapt appropriately to be prosperous.

Combining big data with autonomous robots in the fields will enhance the quality of the information as well as react faster to act on any field event.