Why is everybody talking about world peace…

Humankind needs peace and love. World peace isn’t only possible but inevitable. Peace on earth is endangered.

World Peace

Peace is not going to arrive just by praying. There are many things that could bring peace into the world, but Inner Peace is the sole destination that actually matters in life. Achieving peace is not simply the lack of war.

World Peace

A new government necessary for peace. Peace and very good government are inseparable. Countries should work together within a framework to prevent war and to attempt to resolve conflict between nations. Nations are at odds, leaders threaten one another, and there is frequently the feeling of being on the border of danger.

If you are thinking about how to pray for our nation, this is probably the right time to start!

Nations should learn how to trust one another and work towards world peace for the benefit of human kind. Alongside, in many events, individuals convene around the world to get involved in the international discussion about how communities are utilizing the digital tools of today to construct a brighter tomorrow, however, sometimes, because of the degree of violence and war in the planet, it can appear overwhelming and hopeless.