Facts about water

You will require a gallon of water every day for each person. Water is used mostly in agriculture (69%) but also in industry (19%), according to FAO. Ozonated water can prolong the life span of vegetables and fruit since it kills bacteria.

Water access is increasing due to better technology, but the demand for it is increasing faster, posing a challenge to our environment. According to OECD, by 2030, scientists project there will be a 40% gap between the expected need for and availability of water.

Water is so vital to our health that it is worth pointing out its benefits. Good water should have the correct balance of chemical elements.

Water is important to our existence here on earth, but it’s getting less benevolent all the moment. Next to air, it is the most essential element to our survival. Because of drought, there’s inadequate water for many people.

Water is the ideal thirst quencher, but more significantly, it is a fundamental element for our body. There are several studies that relate drinking appropriate quantity of water to reduction of hypertension. An individual can drink any of the aforementioned water with no fear of getting ill.