Digital Farming: using platforms to compete in the digital age

Farming is among the important activity as it fulfills the requirement of the food. Although small farms face exactly the same problems as large farms, they cannot afford the investment and can get be left behind.

Many species of flora and fauna are getting to be scarce and extinct. Specialty plants are extremely critical for farmer’s fiscal growth. Since individual plants are linked to each other and to their environment, some sort of Facebook for plants isn’t unimaginable. Social media can help boosting farming for the farmers and for their communities.

A fresh perspective on agriculture in conjunction with technological advancements can produce the company number one on the industry. Well, that manner of thinking will earn a comeback in a BIG way. One of the greatest markets will be China, where the demand for efficient food production is crucial to public nutrition.

Successful business in agriculture will be contingent on the capacity to manage enormous amounts of information in order to create the finest possible decisions. There are intriguing case studies that explore how product-centric firms can strive to use platform-centric models to compete in the digital age. These businesses are divided on the grounds of communication technology and application.