Erosion of arable land

Change is, as they say, constant. Demographic changes have many impacts on our current world – it results from population growth, aging societies, and mass migrations. Climate change, on the flip side, represents an existential crisis that has to be tackled head-on.

If you wish to launch your company in Zimbabwe and can’t rely on funding, you have to adapt yourself to the enviroment. Same happens to our soil… It has to adapt to the new reality, but it is adapting slower than the rate of change.

Never in the human existence, there was such a pressure on land. According to Global Land Outlook report from the UN, erosion carries away around 24 billion tons of topsoil every year. while it takes about 2000 years to create just 10 cm of topsoil.

Farmers play a big role in preventing erosion. More preciosion farming will both to help reduce the pressure on land and to reduce the amount of water and resources needed to produce food.