Is Life Extension possible?

The brain consists of six parts which can be hurt in a head injury. It can receive several different types of injuries depending on the type of force and amount of force that impacts the head. The brain processes considerable amounts of complex information all the time that lets us function independently in our everyday lives.

Some bodily symptoms might be hard to diagnose (such as headaches) whereas other symptoms might be more obvious. Usually people afflicted by behavioral indicators of brain damage will deny they feel any different too. There are various brain damage symptoms.

The body might additionally not smell or feel or experience in the exact same way. It may never taste foods or drinks the same way again. Just as with any other machine, how fast the body will wear out also depends to a fair extent regarding how well it’s treated and maintained.

The first step to life extension is preventing that your body wears fast. Take care of yourself and you will live longer.

Even if your body can no longer sustain life, there is already research to keep your brain alive, however, we need to focus in the prevention of brain injuries which became more prevalent during recent years.

There can’t be life extension while our brain is suffering from damage.