Gene editing to cure humans

Gene editing can be achieved by using engineered nucleases also called molecular scissors. Then it is required. CRISPR-based gene editing is going to have a great influence on human well-being.

Genes are rather difficult to understand, as they’re so complicated and basically define who we are. Using CRISPR, they can be easily and cheaply edited. Currently, it edited produce is not regulated by the USDA, and therefore not labeled at GMO, because it does not contain any foreign genetic material. Even if you were able to discover a gene that you can’t for happiness or joy, your children might find the joy gene as well as the homicidal maniac gene.

Every time a gene is broken, it can lead to a disease. In earlier times only one gene could be done at a moment. Editing the incorrect gene could create new troubles, including causing healthy cells to develop into cancerous.