Local innovation to tackle climate change

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are many small and big reasons to consider climate change as a game changer. These systemic change require innovation, experimentation and constant learning and adaptation. There’s no escaping the fact that change is simply not happening fast enough. Climate change is likely to transform business models. It can also affect the idea of safe and healthy environment, completely changing the idea of what Earth is. Climate change and sea level rise are already a reality.

Young generations are well aware and deeply concerned about what is happening in the world these days. Nonetheless, the world isn’t on track to set a limit on the temperature rise to 2C. According to the Internatial Energy Agency, it is projected that the world should spend $359 trillion by 2050 to prevent catastrophic climate change.

New technology is currently at work in over 50 countries. Solar-wind technology is easily the most inexpensive energy system on the current market, providing sustainable and clean renewable energy. Innovation a part of human nature. It isn’t only the innovation, but making sure the innovation is sustainable. Local innovation can boost the impact of global and regional initiatives in dealign with climate change. This is an efficient way to spread the impact through the world.