Observation Studies and the creation of vaccines

The study is always going on… The analysis was proven to be fraudulent and was ultimately taken out of the journal. Further studies of higher doses and various formulations are required and Phase 2 studies are initiated.

Edward Jenner (1749-1823)

Observation studies have been part of research from very early on. For example,


Edward Jenner tested the hypothesis that infection with cowpox could protect a person from smallpox infection. All vaccines developed since Jenner’s time stem from his work.

Even though this is now the norm for any vaccine development, it was a huge innovation coming from an observational study on cows.

Vaccines are today cost-saving mostly because they save lives. In particular, they offer protection for people who are most vulnerable, children, pregnant women and elders.

Vaccines are safe and potent. Although very rare, they can cause serious allergic reactions that may result in death. Many vaccines need to remain cold to stay effective, or so the ability to transport and store them in a temperature controlled environment is critical to overall immunization efforts.