Create your digital avatar

Hackers might take over cyberspace. There are several gadgets that they can use to fight in cyberspace. Hackers might try to delete or disable your security software so their very own malware isn’t detected. They may have obtained sensitive information, and it is critical that they are not able to continue to access personal accounts. Many hackers have learned by experimenting in the web, many even contributed to the creation of new technologies and services that exist today. With cyber crime increasing, it’s important to know the ideal approach to reporting computer hackers.

Being online is dangerous

The hacker may also use the browser features like a microphone along with webcam remotely without the permission of the victim, however, it’s very unlikely that a hacker can disable the recording light when using the webcam.

If you even suspect your computer is hijacked, it is critical to take immediate actions to repair it. After you suspect your computer’s security was compromised, you should assess the damage due to the computer virus or the hacker and, based on such an assessment, either wipe your computer clean or try to eliminate the malicious application working with a reliable antivirus program. A sleeping computer isn’t able to keep an active network connection that is essential for a hacker to infiltrate your system.

Counter attack

digital avatarIn sports, you often hear that the best defense is the attack. In cybersecurity, it applies the same. Many people believe that because they have a limited online footprint, or because they don’t use many online services, they are protected from cyber crime – That’s absolutely not true.

Imagine that you lack a Facebook account… Anyone can create an account using a fake username, but all your real data… pictures, friends even your wedding date. An entire life can be created, without you having control over it. If you are not present online, you have less visibility for what happens there.

The best way for you to protect yourself is to be present, be online… Understand how your friends are reacting, how your information is controlled and available.

In the future, given that we will have even more information online, this becomes even more important. We will have a second life online… usually called “Avatar”. Protecting this identity will be as important as protecting your real identity.