Awareness of the special moment

Passion is going to keep you going. Lots of people become bullied or harassed in life due to their exclusive traits or qualities. Earn the money that you have to earn, live the life you wish to live, but most importantly live life in its totality with just a single condition, that’s awareness, meditation.

Residing in the current moment, being aware and focused on what’s happening at this time, is in fact a more effective means of developing a better future whilst also letting go of the past. So, start with knowing who you are and what you would like.

Use your strenghts to perform better

If you know yourself better and if you can understand the context, situation and environment you are in, you could have a better chance to come up with a uniqueness that makes you stand out of the crowd. How you feel and consider your abilities will have a large bearing on your power – confidence is crucial. It is very important to continue to improve on your distinctive strength.

Knowing your strenghts allow you to have a better control on how you play. You can be much more successfull if you play a game where you excel rather than to play a game where you struggle to perform.