The Wave Game to generate changes

Change isn’t inherently bad but climate change is going to have a larger influence on your family members and friends and all of humanity than anything else before – It is an important topic to discuss.
The moment you say the term climate, immediately people on either side of the debate get their back arched and they’re prepared to attack. Our climate is changing and getting more extreme as a result of human actions… so it is up to us also to find a solution. Wheather we want it or not we have to be riding this wave! Waves are created by winds blowing across the top layer of the ocean. The infrared waves don’t have enough energy to leave the glass and are trapped. P and S (primary and secondary) waves may look like a shaky organization, but the waves that truly conduct damage are those which occur when the energy of the quake reaches the top layer of the earth.
A common aspect about waves is that they are have a high and low point… but they happen in regular intervals. That’s how we need to generate the change… create one small event after another, in regular intervals and the strenght of the action will increase. Overtime, many small waves can change the course of actions.
Generating waves is how you can best address change!