Sitting outside your confort zone

I have started to experiment to leave my office and be closer to my teams. I never really had an office until now… so it feels strange to be “inside a box” – despite being a great office with a great view – I feel apart from everyone else sitting in the open space.

It is an exercise that comes with some degree of uncomfort because it puts me in a situation that I’m not sure what to expect – There are people that can be welcoming while others feel less positive about it.

In my first experience, I felt very welcomed and I could interact in a more informal way with some colleagues allowing me to better understand how they feel about some aspects of our work. Eventually, I believe that if I continue to get this inputs I will understand how the whole organization operates in a much faster way and therefore I can be even more helpful to find alternatives and decide to a bigger benefit of the collective.

I’m trying to confirm my assumption that in order to have success it is important to interact with people and be empathetic to each persons feelings and ambition. One can only be truly empathetic if he/she puts him/herself out of the confort zone and shares the feelings and experiences that others might be going through.

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