3 easy steps to inpire people

Selling dreams: How leaders can inspire employees

Being a good sales often means that you need to connect with people to make them believe that a certain product or service is exactly what they would need or like to have. It resembles the work of an artist to make people to believe in something that often doesn’t really materialize as is being perceived.

This is not result of a faulty salesman, but on the contrary, when a salesman is good, he makes you to perceive that the value of a certain product or service is more than the one it actually has… and he doesn’t need to use any illegal or untrusty tactics.

This is for me the power of inspiration… The power to sell dreams.

A leader needs to understand that there are many ways to motivate and inspirate people and the only way to really do this in a sustainable manner is through a process of making people to dream about a better world, a better job… a better life for themselves and others.

3 easy steps to inpire people

  1. Describe the current situation – In order to sell dreams, one needs to, first of all, be very realistic. So the first step is to recognize and describe accurately the current situation and environment.
  2. Dream big and connect to each individual – Talk about the future in a way that the person can connect with it. For this you have to understand each individual will have a different way to link their personal ambitions and context to whatever you are referring to.
  3. Define a first step – The most difficult aspect is to transform a dream into reality and for that, one has to work. Defining a first step that will be followed by many others is a good way to start… Without a first step you will never be able to engage a person into action and the effort will be lost.

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