3 traits that only great leaders have

There are many forms of leadership and I truly believe that a leader can come from any background or have any style, but only great leaders demonstrate these 3 traits.

They represent the basics of human understanding and self-discipline necessary to overcome challenges inherent to a competitive environment.

Trait #1: Passion for their work / purpose

Your passion is your compass. Everything is easier if you like what you do and if you are passionate about something, even better.

People go beyond their “normal” abilities ehrn they are focused with passion and they tend to see the reality with a much more positive perspective, allowing them to overcome challenges instead of giving up easily.

Having a purpose also infects others and the more people you can get to share a purpose with you the easier it gets to collaborate with speed.

People connected via a purpose can contribute with their own abilities in a way that makes more sense and more effective towards the collective goal.

Trait #2: Ability to deal with people

Whatever you do, you will deal with people. You might be able to lead with poor people skills, but you will never become a great leader.

Getting to know the different individual context and desires, allows a leader to better combine people’s skills in a most effective manner.

But the extraordinary happens with you manage to combine the intimate of each individual with a collective shared goal. This way a leader can extract the best of each employee without risking they won’t feel connected with the group.

Trait #3: Resilience

Through the journey you will find obstacles and some of them might seem too big to overcome. A great leader as immense resilience to deal with that.

If something seems too difficult, a great leader will find alternative ways to overcome it. If it was never done before, he will try to find a way to create it. And if he fails in the way he will learn and repeat.

Resilience is key to ensure that an ambitious goal is reached… No matter what is takes.

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