Do we really need to be working in a same location?

Our world is connected like it was never before. People have the ability to communicate almost in any part of the world and most recently even during flights.

So, if we are connected constantly and most of us already own devices capable of connecting video and voice with extreme good quality, why do we still prefer face to face interactions?

Close to sight, close to heart

My grandmother used to say to me with all her love, if you are not close to people they will gradually forget you. Her advice was to keep the loved ones very close and constantly feed the relationship with valuable moments.

I still believe my grandmother but I think if she would live in today’s world, she would probably mean that being close doesn’t necessarily have to be physically together.

We do have to care about our relationships, but we have multiple ways of doing so today.

I know many families, friends and successful companies that relate and collaborate in a virtual environment. They have replaced physical interactions with multiple and at-any-time conversations.

They leverage different technologies to engage in different conversations models. For example, they use skype or any other video chat to chat live, but if one of the participants is not available, they can easily switch to Whatsapp and allow each person to reply to each one’s availability.

We can share photo albums and comments in many different tools, we can share recommendations for restaurants, places to go at any time. Ultimately, id you want to work together on a document, book, or any other creative work, you can also use multiple collaboration tools, like GoogleDocs that allow simultaneous work while keeping each contributor independent.

While in more personal relationships you might prefer more synchronous interactions, in a globalized work model, collaboration across timezones allows a very productive development of ideas without having to stop at the end of the day.

Follow the sun: work from any place, at any time, following the sun on earth.


Serendipity chinese symbol

The main advantage of being connected anywhere, anytime is to have the ability to cease the improbable serendipity moments.

The usual moments happen when something triggers an unconnected idea that can solve a major hurdle on a problem.

For these moments to happen more frequently one has to put himself in different situations many times but if we look closely in our daily routines we are very much limited when compared to the power of being connected to the whole world at any time.

In summary, although I appreciate the traveling and having different experiences abroad, when at work and thinking about innovation I would prefer a virtual and ubiquitous relations.

Exploring the power of connected networks and improbable moments can give us the advantage that are absolutely needed in a much competitive world where everything is available now.

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