Choices for Communication

Mindful communication is fundamental in high paced teams that have to collaborate in an extreme agile environment.


When you are genuinely prepared to communicate, all you’ve got to do is ask for it, and be certain you will receive it! In the same manner, some type of non-verbal communication is needed for the virtually enabled teams.

Having in mind the ongoing changes and trends at work, written communication is still the most common way of sharing information. For example, in work procedures in the Human Resources department in order to follow the latest legislative alterations.

There are new approaches to communicate like to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is horrible if you want to think of new ideas but excellent for you to gain empathy or to understand behind the obvious message. These benefits does not mean that you need to resolve every concern, but rather that you seek to be aware of as many potential issues as possible so that you can make an explicit decision about whether you want to do something about them.