One year of experiments

I strongly believe on experimentation as a way to develop new skills and explore new solutions. This is why, 1 year ago, I decided to initiate a series of experiences to check latest technologies and how could I put them to use and generate insights to my current business priorities.

I have tried different aspects of artificial intelligence, like natural language processing in chatbots and automated content generators but also cloud based technologies and scalable computing capabilities.

The main thing I learned is that information is mostly available but we require a basic set of knowledge to be able to connect the different technologies and understand minimally what we want to achieve.

I became impressed with the simplicity of some elements and how powerful they are. For example, it took me around a weekend to create a python based chatbot using google cloud that could not only interact with a user but also collect information regarding preferences into a database and then provide recommendations for products and services online. I later used the same modules in a different combination to create online content based on an user’s preferences.

All in all, I was able to remember some of my basic learnings from IT but also confirm that in large companies we have a big gap between business and technology knowledge, where the people that decide are far away from the real execution and ability to invent new things while the people that have this practical knowledge are often lacking the business experience and don’t connect easily with non-tech savvy individuals.

I will keep experimenting on my own way and eventually one of these days I will be able to fully leverage both my technical and business experiences.

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