Knowing your own boundaries

You are responsible for your own career. The most successful people don’t expect others to drive their career. Instead, they set their own goals and define clear plans to achieve them.

To be successful, before you start planning your career development, you have to know your strengths, but also where and how you like to work best. This means that you know what conditions are most favorable for your performance.

Nobody knows more about you then yourself and that’s why it is always preferable that you take control of your own career.

Knowing what you want is also very important to understand when to stop and when to replan your goals. Normally a successful career is not a series of forward steps towards the goal, instead it means constant replaning and most importantly knowing when to slow down or stop.

I have seen some people that have been promoted, but quickly realize that they had a perfect challenge before. Not every promotion means that you will be happier in your career.

Each career step should be carefully selected according to your strengths and preferred work conditions and not because of hierarchy or pay grade.

For me, most important is always good to have a great manager and the possibility to be independent in my decisions. These principles have guided me until now in my career development.

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