The world of hyper focused start-ups

When I visit a startup or a coworking place or even in networking / investment forums, I always come back with a feeling of energy flowing everywhere.

It is quite impressive to see the energy that entrepreneurs have and how much of that is passed onto others.

But I have seen only in a few startups a focused usage of that energy. I call these Hyper-focused companies.

Their leaders and their employees share a common goal allowing them to converge energy towards a common purpose and making it very difficult for any other company, big or small, to compete with them.

Being focused means that you know at every moment what the collective goal is but also that every single individual in the organization knows their abilities and how each one contributes differently to that common goal.

Most companies instead have unclear responsibilities among different departments… Sometimes even redundant processes, either because of risk management or poor management.

But the biggest problem is when people don’t trust each other. Lack of trust is cause for lack of focus and limits greatly the ability to become efficient enough to overcome competition.

In summary

An Hyper-focused organization is based in strong trust and a clear purpose that brings energetic people together converging their efforts in a way that produces maximum results.

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