An old style for an insight about THE FUTURE

I started this reflection using the old method of writing in a plain blank sheet.

As preparation for this reflection, I have studied about the essence of the human being. Many people might agree that humans differentiate themselves from animals because of our intelligence, but if we assume that computers will level or even overtake humans in that field, how will we stand out? How will we retain our relevance in the world?

Since the dawn of mankind, we have had a capability that also defines us as humans: Our ability to reflect on ethics, on others rather than ourselves. This ability I would define as Consciousness – We are self-aware of ourselves, of our identity and we can also differentiate individuals among the collective.

Our current focus in education is changing from knowledge to collaboration, which I believe is the right direction, however, in a world of infinite data and enormous computing power, it won’t be enough to retain our relevance. We have to strengthen our conscience skills. We should be learning more ab out ethics, about religion and basic human psychology.

This will be the core of the necessary skills for all activities of the future. If not, how will we answer the following questions:

  • Who will program the artificial intelligence of the future?
  • Who will define right or wrong?
  • How will we interact in a world where life will also include “artificial life”?

Given this future scenario, shouldn’t we educate our children in the areas of philosophy or teology? How many cleric or philosophers do we have employed in our companies? It seems that we are still lagging when it comes to prepare our people to this future reality.

We should all redirect our learning goals to allow us to know more about ourselves and start to learn how to trust “artificial life” to support us with intelligence and manual activities.

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